Monday, October 4, 2010

I truly care. But I'm not sure you see it.

What is she to do?
When she sees you hurting
All the time
And every time she tries to talk to you
She feels like an idiot.
She says what she means
She really really does care
And she'd do anything to help you out.
And she wishes you
Better than
The best
And that's not even half of what
She actually

It's still there
And she literally feels your pain
And it hurts her so to not say anything
But when she says something
She feels like she's only making it worse.

They say thank you.
They say wow, you're nice.
They see the letters on the page.
She wishes they could see the look on her face.
The look in her eyes.
She wishes they could feel
The intensity of her care.
Or can.
But she wishes they could.

So the moral of the story is... Helping your self-consciousness can make me feel self-conscious.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Share Your Laughs With a Friend

Something she found hilarious and extremely enjoyable
That sort of thing you keep as your guilty pleasure
Or obsession, in a less creepy sense
Is magnified 20x or more when shared with someone.
Laughing alone lasts
For maybe one minute.
But sharing with a comrade
Seeing their reaction
And their reaction to your reaction
And your reaction to theirs
May keep you chuckling for hours
If your stomach allows it.

So the moral of the story is...
Your reaction to their reaction might make their reaction twice as great.

(Since this is my first post on my new blog, I feel I must explain it a bit. I've been wanting to do a deeper, different point of view for awhile, but didn't know where to start. Then I got an idea.
I could write in a different style and keep it interesting / possibly witty.
"That's Legit," my other blog, is more-so my everyday, dramatized version of my life, just something to record my adventures for both me and others to enjoy. My fun side.
This should better express my other side. The deep one.
How this blog works, is that I'll write about a certain thing, then write the actual, in my opinion, general assumed moral of the story as the title.
Then when I'm done writing the body of the post, I'll add "So the moral of the story is..." at the bottom, and dissect the post to find a different moral or different view.
It's just an experiment. Thanks for reading.)